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My custom video packages are designed to capture and commemorate the significant milestones in your life. From full-coverage, all-inclusive packages that document your major events, to our standard highlight reels adept at encapsulating the essence of your special moments. With our tailored offerings, every emotion, and every detail is captured to create a timeless memento that tells a unique story.

  • Draft Deliver 3-4 Weeks

  • Unlimited Revision

  • Up to 10 Minute Video

  • Unlimited Photo Submission

  • Unlimited Video Footage

  • 3 Licensed Song Options

  • Sound Effects

  • Title & Chapter Screens

  • Storytelling Text

  • Advanced Transitions

  • Color/Overlay Effects

  • Audio Enhancements

  • Outtakes

  • 6 Video Conversions

  • 100 Photo Scan/Enhancements

  • Draft Deliver 2-3 Weeks

  • Unlimited Revision within 4-Week Window

  • Up to 8 Minute Video

  • 200 Photo Submission

  • 90 Min Video Footage Submission

  • 2 Licensed Song Options

  • Sound Effects

  • Title & Chapter Screens

  • Storytelling Text

  • Advanced Transitions

  • Color/Overlay Effects

  • Audio Enhancements

  • Draft Deliver 1-2 Weeks

  • Unlimited Revision within 2-Week Window

  • Up to 4 Minute Video

  • 75 Photo Submission

  • 45 Min Video Footage Submission

  • 1 Licensed Song Options

  • Basic Title & Chapter Screens

  • Basic Transitions

Video Ideas & Additional Services

Take a look through this collection to discover creative ways to utilize this service. In addition to the packages displayed above, I have the flexibility to curate a personalized service that caters to your specific requirements and pricing needs.

Celebration of Life

A collection of photos, videos and memories, thoughtfully crafted and set to music to evoke emotion and honor the life and legacy of a loved one who passed away. This is not just about creating a video or flashing pictures through a carousel; it's about celebrating a life lived and creating a keepsake that can be revisited for years to come. Let me help you honor your loved one's memory in a way that is as special as they were.

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These additional options are available to be added on for an additional fee

  • Quick turnaround time, ensuring the video is ready for any upcoming event.

  • If you're pressed for time or energy to organize your photos and videos, you can consolidate them into a file. I'll extract the highlights, estimate editing time, and apply an hourly rate.

  • Extend your video or add more images and footage beyond the initial limit.​

  • Additional revisions

  • Local to Portland, Oregon?

    • I am able to record 4K High Definition videos on-site, which is ideal for capturing game footage of athletes or conducting interviews to infuse a personal touch into the videos. This feature enhances the overall quality and adds a professional touch to the recordings.

    • As a licensed commercial drone operator, I am able to capture aerial footage that adds a unique and captivating perspective to your story. Whether it's documenting graduates schools, athletes in action, or families enjoying their annual photo shoots, drone photography will undoubtedly elevate the quality and impact of your videos. With the addition of breathtaking aerial shots, your visuals will radiate a special touch that truly sets them apart.

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